Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A new niece, a birthday, and sickness

I am the worst at keeping up with my blog. I keep thinking that I am going to be better at it, but alas, I always fail. maybe this time will be different....

A lot has been going on in the Gerber household. One of the most exciting things is that we got a new niece recently! Michelle and Drew had a little baby girl, who they named Londyn. She is soooo adorable and perfect. I am sad that they are moving to Albequerque and I will not be able to see her very often. I will also miss her 2 boys who always bring a smile to my face. I am excited for them though.

Here is a picture of Londyn

Yesterday was Jake's birthday. I felt bad cause he had to work all day. He woke up in the morning and his car wouldn't start, so he had to take mine. That kinda foiled my plans to bring him balloons and chocolate to work, so I had Haley take me to Walmart and we decorated the house for when he got home. The only problem was that he got off work early and didn't tell me, so he got home right when we were in the middle of decorating. Oh well, it was still fun. For his birthday we went to the Cheesecake Factory, which we love, and had a great time with Haley and Jon. Thanks for joining us guys!

As for the sickness part, a few weeks ago we ended up in the emergency room cause Jake was having major pains in his stomach. It ended up being an appendicitis and he went into surgery to get it removed. It was completely unexpected, but he is recovering well. A few days after his surgery I went to the doctor cause I have not been feeling well for about a month and the doctor said I had a bad sinus infection that could turn into pneumonia. He gave a a Z-Pak, steroids, and a painful shot in the butt. Not fun, but I am feeling a lot better. Now we have to figure out why my stomach hurts after I eat. I'm thinking I am lactose intolerant, but i don't know. I will keep you update.

That is what has been going on in the Gerber household for all 2 of you that read this.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A year in review

Disclaimer: This post will be long! Read at your own risk

Jake and I have know each other for a little over a year now and a whole lot has happened. It has been the best year ever and I am so grateful to have found the love of my life! Here is a little bit of our year in review.

One of our fun dates Jake took me to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point. It was so much fun!

We went down to St. George for the fourth of July last summer and it was the first time that Jake met my family. While there, Jake entered a drawing for a truck and a few hours later he got a call from the drawing and he was so excited he thought he had won it. It turns out he won a huge box of fireworks that turned out to be really fun.

Jake was also brave enough to come to my family reunion last summer after only knowing me for a few months. We went to lagoon and had a blast, although the next day we all ended up with the flu. Jake and Gavin were the only ones that didn't get sick.

Shortly after our reunion, Gavin started dating an amazing girl named Gina, who he later married. It has been to have her in the family, although its a bit confusing having 2 Gina's.

Every year we do a girls weekend where my sisters and my mom get together and do something girly. Last year we went to Tuacahn's Footloose, but we brought the guys cause I didn't want to leave Jake at home with my brothers. haha

After the show we were hanging around talking and my sisters spotted Louis Van Amstel. We all wanted to go over a get a picture with him, but we were too shy. My mom went over and asked if we could get a picture. Before we were brave enough to ask we were just taking pictures of him in the distance, and we got the funniest picture of Haley pointing at him. Little did we know how the picture would turn out. Thats all I'm going to say about that......

This year has been so fun for me to get to know Jake's family as well. His sister had a baby boy, Trevyn, right before I met Jake. His whole family has been so sweet and I am lucky to be a part of such a great family.

We also celebrated Jake's 26th birthday, but we did not have the right numbered candles, so this is what he got....

Jake's dad loves to go out four wheeling and doon buggying. We went out to a race that he put on and he took us for a ride in one of his fast cars. He said that we were going to go slow cause we didn't have helmets on, and then he went about 75 on a dirt road.... which to him is slow I guess.

At the end of July, Jake asked me to marry him and gave me this gorgeous ring.

On October 23rd we got married in the St. George temple. It was a beautiful day and the best day of my life!

And then we went on our HOneymoon. We took a 5 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera and then spent a few days in Vegas.

Since then we have celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines, my birthday at my sisters in Logan, and now its summer and the fun is just starting. I feel so lucky to have found each other and could not ask for a better husband. I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We love our jobs!

So, for those of you who do not know, Jake works for a company called Advanced MD. They have medical billing software and he recently got promoted to the IT position. He is so excited and absolutely loves his job! Well, this past weekend he got an email that said that at their data center there was a routine fire drill and some sort of gas or something was released that ruined all the hard drives. So virtually, everything got erased and the company did not exist all weekend. His supervisor, the head of IT, worked all weekend to get it back up and luckily was able to fix it, but he said it was close to the point of not being able to retrieve it and then the whole company would have been shut down. He was so close to losing his job, and we had no clue until Monday when he went in. Everything is good now, and his job is secure. We are just very grateful that he has the position and that he can love going to work every day!

As for myself, I also really enjoy my job. I am still working as an ecommerce coach, but for a new company called Fortune Learning Systems. It is a really small company with a lot of opportunities. We have been so blessed to have good jobs and we could not be happier!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Behind the times

So, I decided that since most everyone else has a blog it was time to start one for Jake and me. We have been married for about 4 months and are so happy that we finally found each other. I could not ask for a better companion and I hope I can be as good of a companion for him. I hope you enjoy our random adventures and pictures that I post, and bear with me if I ramble on. Love you all!